Reasons Why People Break up Over the Holidays

By : Written by our website Oct 13, 2021
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The holiday season is no doubt the happiest season of all. Family gatherings, friends reunions and other special holiday events are all something worthy to be cheered about. Surprisingly, it may not be a very pleasant break for dating couples, according to the study published by Facebook. More couples tend to end their romantic relationship before or after holidays despite that it is the time that they needed to care for the most. Therefore, what exactly motivate them to make such an impulsive decision and break off with their partner?

1. Mental Pressure Imposed by Family Members

As a time of reunion, holidays offer a chance for couples to heat up the romantic feeling by introducing each other to their parents. Unfortunately, the result could not always be satisfying. Believe it or not, the parents' disapproval could send romance to an early grave, given that one of them is forced to choose between family and lover. Apart from this dominant factor, the other culprit might be that you could be easily triggered by the loving atmosphere, thus keeping recalling the ups and downs your parents have been through and reviewing your pwn relation from a more rational and long-term perspective.

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2. The Emotion Outburst

Whereas holidays are meant to be a time for recreation, sometimes the long trip and reunion with close friends could also be unexpectedly exhausting. It is in this mood that people may subconsciously throw trauma to each other and dig up the unspeakable past. What’s worse is that people tend to be more sentimental and sensitive during the holiday, so the unintentional quarrel may drag the other into the depth of humiliation and despair, consequently putting an end to the relationship.

3. The Expectation for a New Start

The coming of the new year often presents the new beginning of the stage of life, enabling people to retrospect every little bit happened last year and pluck up the courage to leave the past behind, and the insipid relation might be one of the issues need to be solved. It is worth mentioning that such seemingly apathetic behaviour is definitely not out of malice but to hold the responsibility for this memorable relationship.

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