Quick Tips to Ask Your Online Date Out

By : Written by our website Aug 26, 2021
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Many people have met new friends through online dating apps, and if they want to develop into real life, it's essential to meet offline. However, the wrong inviting strategy will only lead to rejection of the meeting. So, what is the most recommended tips to ask your online date out?

1. Invite Others to Take an Offline Dating Until You Are Hitting It off Online

It won't work if there's no hot conversation going on. Because the other side will only feel that online chat is so embarrassing, isn't it more awkward to meet offline? In addition, asking for a date without getting to know each other will only reveal your intentions too early, causing pressure on the other side and leading to a result of no response. Note that it's fine to reveal your intention to meet in reality at the beginning, but if you haven't even established the first interaction, your desire to take the second step will only confuse the other person.

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2. Superposition Method: Apply to Extroverts

The principle of this method is to make a small offer first, and if the other person says yes, responding in a positive way, you could seize the opportunity to add more details to increase his/her interest. This method applies to extroverts who have a hot chat with you for a long time, such as regular interaction, active conversation, or even occasional voice/video call. 

3. Diminishing Method: Apply to Introverts

The principle of this method is to put forward a general invitation first, if the other side hesitates or declines, giving a negative response, you should simplify or refine the dating proposal. It uses the psychological reciprocity: the other person feels like you've already made a concession to the invitation and will automatically want to give back. As long as the relationship isn't too bad, you can ask the other one for a date. But for introverts, there is a high risk of rejection if you adopt the superposition method. Diminishing method will be more appropriate for you.

4. Give Solutions Rather than Questions

Many people may have a confusion that they always encounter obstacles in asking someone out even though you have a lot to chat about online. In this case, the main reason is that your invitation is not attractive and the other person is not interested in the date. Hence, you should design a brief date plan and propose it to your mate. Keep in mind that it's more important to generate interest first than to find out when someone will be available. Don't mix up your priorities!

Finally, I wish everyone can successfully ask one out and fall in love!