New Relationship Advice for Ladies

By : Written by our website Sep 13, 2021
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If you're in the first three months of a new relationship, the beginning is exciting but challenging. Then how to turn it into a long-term one? Women need to make full use of their wisdoms and make efforts. If you want such kind of relationship,the following tactics or advice may help you to build one.

1. Wait for the Call Instead of Calling Him

No matter how attractive he is and how much you miss him, just don’t call him after the first date. Neither are text messages. If you do so, you may not get what you want. That, sadly, is the truth about men: they would like to be the hunter more than the prey.

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2. Don’t Rush to Have Intimate Acts

The golden rule: you may need to hang out with your date one or two month before allowing him to hold your hand or kiss you. Only after getting to know the person very well can you make sure whether you are a good match. Of course, you can ignore the advice if you are seeking a casual relationship.

3. Keep Independent Thinking

You may have difficulty in making decisions. You may be too lazy to work out a solution in the midst of a crisis. And you may be used to turning to others for help, especially your lover. But these behaviors are not recommended in a new relationship. Nobody can put himself in your shoes, including your parents. You have to figure out the method by yourself. In addition, if you always rely on your partner for help and advice on everything, one day you may lose yourself. As a result, the ability to think independently is required in a relationship. 

4. Play to Your Strengths

Playing to your strengths proves a wise strategy in socializing, which applies to relationships as well. Showing your talents may be one of the most convenient ways to attract someone you have interest in. But we are not saying you should hide you weaknesses. Everybody has strengths and weaknesses. If we hope others to notice or have interest in us, we need to get their attention first and our gift may be our most eye-catching features than others.