Is Communication Important In Dating

By : Written by our website Oct 11, 2021
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We all communicate one way or another, but is communication important in dating? There are those believing in self-explanatory lifestyles and those who don’t bother to learn how to communicate well with the other dater. Some people naturally prefer nonverbal language to communicate, which is still a type of communication. None of them are wrong, and they are all ways of communication, but it remains to be discussed whether they are effective enough. Communication is what it is only when it involves both sides sending and receiving messages that are understandable.

Communication Comes With Happiness

Instant understanding each other is a coincidence of rare odds, and it is clearly not practical because it might just be one of the only few things harder to encounter than finding love at first sight. Most of us, if not all, need to suffer from the repetitive process of negotiations and communications to get familiar with each other in terms of preferences and characteristics. Even if you fail to be soulmates, you still get the chance to be intimate life companions through hardships and pains. Having someone trustworthy to comfortably share life with helps you release pressure, and doing so with someone you love is life-prolonging and brings you an infinite amount of contentment and happiness.

With proper communication, you will be more than compatible with each other, and the joy you have might double while pains getting diminished. Humans are born with empathy, and empathy brings people closer by allowing one to see and feel from the perspective of another being. So with proper communication, you will be able to literally feel the happiness of your potential partner, vice versa. 

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Lack Of Communication Destroys Dating

Let’s just say you and your date are both nonverbal communicators, and both of you don’t need to spend too much time on words and sentences. This whole situation is rare enough, let alone both of you having your nonverbal languages understandable to the fullest extent without misinterpretations. As I’ve mentioned before, only when the communication involves both sides sending and receiving messages that are understandable are the messages legit communication. If neither of you can get what each other mean, you are not communicating at all, and this is where a large amount of misinterpretation is being brewed. You may also fail to display yourself in dating, turning it into a disastrous mime.