Impacts of Being in an Unhealthy Relationship

By : Written by our website Aug 25, 2021
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Everyone desires and deserves a healthy relationship. But what if you are troubled by an unhealthy one? It would bring negative impacts to you if you failed to come back to the healthy state. Today, let’s explore what impacts are emerging from an unhealthy relationship.

1.Erosion of Your Sense of Self-worth

The gradual but consistent erosion of your sense of self-worth is one of the significant long-term impacts of being in an unhealthy relationship. Imagine that your self-value is entirely determined by your partner. You have no idea what is your original pursuit of life. You just lost your self-esteem and define yourself through your partner who may put you down for long. It can take years of treatment to heal the harm done to the ego. 

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2.Unable to Fall in Love Again

Another significant impact is that you are unable to step out of the unhealthy relationship’s shadow and accept the love of others. You grow skeptical about the honesty of others whom you interact with, which will definitely reduce your future possibilities of happiness. In order to avoid being hurt, you refuse all potential opportunities to start a new relationship. 

3.High Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases 

A long-term study covering more than 10,000 people discovered that an unhealthy relationship over a longer period will also increase your risk of acquiring cardiovascular illness. Another investigation on the health condition of 9,000 men and women in 2007 also proved that the risk of having heart problems in those people who reported "unhealthy" relationships was 34% higher than people who are in healthy relationships. Therefore you can reach a conclusion that how terrible an unhealthy relationship is.

An unhealthy relationship could affect all aspects of our life, so determining whether you are in it is so crucial to us. As a result, get away from the partner who belittle and blame you in your relationship as soon as possible. 

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