How to Test Whether a Girl Likes You

By : Written by our website Aug 02, 2021
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Actually, it is obvious that one likes another. As long as you observe carefully, you can easily tell whether one has feelings for you. Of course, people with different personalities perform their affection in different ways. Then how to test whether a girl likes you? Here’s a foolproof way for you to accurately gauge a girl’s thought.

1. Pay Attention to Her Posture

If a girl likes you, she often looks in your direction; if she talks to you stretching her body, she is proved to be confident to talk to you; if her arms and legs are crossed, she may be shy or nervous, or she may be subconsciously protecting herself and has no interest in you. Moreover, sometimes the direction of a person’s toes can speak for themselves. Watch the direction of her toes as she sits with her legs crossed. If her toes are pointing at you, it’s very likely that she likes you and wants to contact with you.

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2. Pay Attention to Eye Contact

If a girl likes someone, she will always be looking at him in a direction that he doesn’t pay much attention to, like from behind. When the boy suddenly turns his head and meets her eyes, she would look away as quickly as possible. These little gestures could reflect that she likes you. In fact, she avoids your eyes too quickly is not because that she doesn't like you, but she's not ready to reveal her feelings. (Do remember! If you often find her looking at you, you can make sure! Once or twice may really be a coincidence, don’t be too bold.)

3. Combine with the Situation

Everyone has a different interpretation of body language. For example, if you’re talking to a girl and she suddenly makes physical contact with you, like touching your arm, people might think she’s flirting. However, if she suddenly pats you on the shoulder, she may just tell you someone is looking for you. If you're having a heated discussion with a girl and she keeps staring at your eyes and doesn't look away, it's not a sign that she likes you, but only means that she's engaged in the discussion. But if she looks you in the eye for a long time and doesn’t talk, or if she looks away when you look at her, then she’s probably interested in you.