How to Tell if Someone Has a Crush on You

By : Written by our website Oct 17, 2021
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When you have a crush on someone, it’s natural to wonder whether your crush feels the same way as you do. Right before you make a move, you are supposed to check if the person you fall for loves you back. To shed light on your crush dilemma, here are some of the telltale signs to tell if someone is into you.

1. His/Her Body Language Won't Lie

Suppose someone has a crush on you, it's likely that you can perceive some subtle changes because his/her spontaneous reactions tell everything. For starters, he/she can't help giving a covert glance at you more often than others. He/She may even keep staring at you but you are not aware of it. And if you catch his/her sight, he/she might well look away and pretend to look at somewhere else. Moreover, it is hard for him/her to keep eye contact with you, because he/she might stutter and his/her cheeks would flush red while talking to you. In a word, his/her body language can reveal tons of subtle information.

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2. He/She Tries to Get Close to You

Another revealing sign that someone falls for you is that he/she would spare no effort to be next to you. It seems that you become a magnet to him/her. He/She may bump into you from time to time. And by getting close to you, he/she may try to have physical contact with you. Besides, he/she would borrow things from you so as to get a chance to talk with you. That said, you might think those can happen between friends or colleagues, but when someone has a crush on you, you will see him/her much more frequently than others.

3. He/She Keeps the Conversation Going

You may find the person who is interested in you will prefer to make a constant conversation with you. If he/she always looks forward to getting engaged in a conversation with you, he/she is definitely into you. What's more, your crush might well reach out to you over the phone on a regular basis. If he/she call or text you late at night or early in the morning, there is every chance that you are more than a friend to him/her.