How To Tell If She Has a Boyfriend?

By : Written by our website Oct 24, 2021
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You may encounter a girl in a bar and have a pleasant night hanging out with her. Everything goes very well, and it looks like she rather enjoys the conversation with you as well. Then you feel like she is just the one you are looking for and wonder if you should go further with her. But you feel hesitant to ask her whether she is single, as you are afraid she is not. If you have a similar experience, please read the following helpful tips, which will help you get the answer if she has a boyfriend and avoid possible embarrassment.

Pay Attention to Her Body Language


If a girl has a boyfriend, she will keep her distance from males either consciously or unconsciously, as she does not want to cause any misunderstanding. She may be engaged in the conversation, but she will always stand in her safe zone and not get any closer to you. Another possible sign is that she may frequently check her phone or send messages out. If a girl is in a romantic relationship, she would love to share what she is doing or seeing anytime with her boyfriend.

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Ask Indirect Questions


During the conversation, you can ask a few trick questions, like “Spider-man was released recently. Did you go watch it with your boyfriend?” If she has a boyfriend, she would say something like “No, we haven’t yet” or “Yes, we’ve just watched it. It was awesome.” All of these questions will get her to reveal if she has been taken.


Check Her Social Media


Social media is a good way to get to know girl’s relationship status. If she has a boyfriend, she will post the photos of her and her boyfriend. For example, you may find a post of her latest trip with a man or a Valentine's Day gift with a couple of hearts as captions. However, if you do not discover any clue, it may not be a sure sign that she is single. At times, some girls just do not like to show their love life to others.