How to Take It Slow in Dating: 5 Useful Tips

By : Written by our website Oct 13, 2021
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Being in love feels good, but if you are in a budding relationship with your date, it's best not to move too fast. You may need a bit more time to get to know your partner and lay a better foundation for your relationship, especially if you're a person with an avoidant attachment style. Here are a few tips that can help you to take it slow in dating.

Make Sure What You Feel this Way

First, ask yourself about "What do I feel this way" after you've had dinner or hang out with your partner to make sure you're comfortable with everything that happens between you two. It is crucial to keep your emotions and feelings in check. If you don't like getting too involved, you need to think twice before rushing and deciding anything and take a slow path to intimacy. You don't have to force yourself to accept everything your partner suggests because a comfortable pace is based on mutual respect for each other.

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Let Your Partner Know You Like to Take It Slow

If you don't like to move too fast, you should talk to your partner about your relationship. People are sensitive to rejections, so you should let your partner know it's your comfort zone to take a slow path, not his/her fault which makes you keep a distance for now.

Wait for a While Before You Get Physically Intimate

If you like to take things slow, it's best to wait for a while before getting physically intimate. Having sex in an early stage of your relationship is not a good choice for the oxytocin will obscure how you feel for your partner. You need more time to decide whether this is the right one for you, so take your time when it comes to physical intimacy.

Avoid Revealing Too Much of Yourself Too Soon

Don't tell your date everything about yourself too soon before you are sure he/she is trustworthy. In the beginning, you do not want to share too much about yourself. Too much information would take the mystery out of your bond or put you in a vulnerable position.

Reconsider Before Introducing Him/Her to Your Family

Don't rush to introduce your partner to your family as soon as you enter into a relationship. Meeting each one's family means a lot for lovers, so wait until you're sure you want to build a long-term relationship with your partner.

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