How to Survive the First Lesbian Breakup

By : Written by our website Oct 08, 2021
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Surviving a lesbian breakup is tough, especially when it's your first relationship. Your sweet moments linger in your mind and you feel hurt. But things have to move forward. Whatever the reason for the breakup may be, you need to get over your past and move on. The following passage offers top tips to survive your first lesbian breakup.

1. Find Support

Breakups make you weak, but support from friends and family makes you strong. You could find support and comfort from your friends and family members who have been there too. Even though they might not be lesbian, they may give you good advice since they know you well.

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2. Participate in Activities

Participating in activities can help shift your focus away from the breakup. You can enjoy your old hobbies or try something new. You can do things like climbing a mountain, going to the church, playing sports, reading or singing. These activities may keep you busy and distract you from your unpleasant past.

3. Delete the Past

Here "the past" means things that could remind you of her, including the messages, photos and gifts. Removing these things means you take away the reminders that remind you of your past relationship. Although this may sound extreme, it is an effective method to get her out of your mind, especially when it is a bad romance.

4. Time Heals All

In psychology, there is a phenomenon called the 21-day effect, which means it takes about 21 days for a person to develop and consolidate new habits. It works for love too. After the most difficult 21 days, you will accept the fact that you have lost her. And you will be accustomed to a single person's life and no longer rely on her. 

5. Let it Out

Your pains need to be eased. Suppressing or denying them may have an opposite effect. There are many ways to let out the bad feelings in breakups, such as crying, painting, or writing. And of course, you should try to avoid the unhealthy ways. Don’t turn to alcohol or drugs.

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