How to Strike Up a Conversation When You Like Someone

By : Written by our website Jul 29, 2021
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Life is full of surprises. Do you believe in love at first sight? What would you do if one day meet your type? Now, I will give you some advice on how to strike up a conversation with the one you like.

1. Organize Your Clothes 

In our face-oriented world, there's a general preference for good-looking people. If your facial attractiveness is not that high, it's even more important to pay attention to your grooming. At least, be clean and tidy. Make sure you tidy up before going out so that you can leave a good first impression on someone you like. Even you don't have enough time, make sure your wearing is suitable. 

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2.Keep Your Distance 

When meeting the one, don’t be too eager to get close, otherwise you will scare her away. Don’t let her think you are going to rob or hurt her, the vigilance is increased especially when she is alone. Starting with friends at first, express your love too soon is not a good choice.

3.Speaking Skills 

Many people fail to strike up a conversation because of wrong speaking skills rather than their appearance. For example, some men often say, "Hello, beauty, could I get to know you better?" This question is not only old-fashioned but also likely to be rejected by women. You can change the tone to something like, "Hey girl, I was waiting for one of my best buddies and just saw you passing by, you are so special, can I be your friend?" This way of speaking makes it easier to accept.

4.Play Tricks 

Has a crush on her but there is no chance to start a conversation? No chance for you but you can make one! For example, when you are eating, you can ask: “Hello, is this seat taken? can I sit here?” and after you sit down, start your conversation gradually. Or you can also pretend to fall, step on her foot, and then apologize. In a word, you need to find some common topics and get her contact information. 

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