How to Read a Guy's Body Language on a Date

By : Written by our website Oct 15, 2021
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Body language is an important window to look into one’s inner feelings and thoughts. After a date, if you are too shy to ask directly how the other feels about the date, body language is a useful tool for your reference. Body language makes up most of the non-verbal messages. Hand gestures, smiles, tilts of the head are all forms of body language. Those who have dating experiences can get a clue about the other’s feelings. For people who have no idea about it, the following lists a few revealing body languages in a date.

1. Checking His/Her Phone

The first is whether the one you date is glued to his phone. Most of the time, looking at the phone frequently while dating is a clear sign that your dating mate is not interested in you. Of course, the absence of this behavior does not guarantee that he is into you.

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2. Walking Beside You

The second is whether your dating partner walks beside you. If he or she walks beside you or just follows you, it is a sign that he or she has no interest in you. If a man has no intention to lead you through a crowded space, this may mean that he is not considerate or he isn’t willing to develop a relationship with you. 

3. Eye Contact 

The third is about making eye contact. If one feels uncomfortable while dating you, he or she will find it difficult to sit still and avoid making eye contact. Maintaining eye contact is a clear indicator that he or she is into you or at least has a good first impression of you. Eye contact helps build attraction among the two people and brings two hearts closer. 

4. Physical Touch

The fourth body language is about the physical touch. If you are a girl, while watching a movie with your date together, and he keeps touching your shoulder or hand, there is a great chance that he is into you. Another example is that he holds your hands when you cross the road. If a man does not find you attractive, he will put most of the concerns on himself. In extreme cases, he may even ignore you to some degree.

Next time when you are out on a date, be careful about the body language mentioned above.