How to Pursue a Girl Being in Close Relation with You

By : Written by our website Aug 10, 2021
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It is the attraction that determines the precondition and base of a love story. Why do you like her? For boys, the answer is quite straight: her beauty or nice figure. It goes the same for a girl and you need to manifest that your qualities are attractive to her. In the appealing phase, rather than showing too much caring, your high value qualities should be presented to arouse a girl’s interest to you. The best lovers shall start from friendship. Today, let’s discuss about how to pursue a girl being in close relation with you.

First - Sensation of Comfort

Sensation of comfort is a processing course for you two turning from strangers to acquaintances. You should provide enough sense of security to the girl, which means taking exchange of basic personal information, indicating you’re a man of reliable career and life rather than a hooligan. Then the girl gets the motivation to keep in touch with you. Moreover, you need to bring the girl enough feelings of familiarity, turning from simple greeting to work and daily communication. The third phase is emotional resonance, referring to talk about some vision to your future and views to some sorts of things. At this phase, you shall keep consistent with her, since human nature determines that she might deviate from uncomfortable atmosphere. Only she feels comfortable can you further the relation.    

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Second - Upgrade Your Relation

At this phase you get two notes, the change of appellation and the turning of your behavior logic. It should be stressed that the appellation changes gradually. Don’t call your girl too intimate from the beginning and expose your frivolity. Stop without delay when you receive unpleasant reaction and keep on cultivating sensation of comfort, then take another try in appropriate occasion. The turning of your behavior logic depends on your growing frequency of communicating, such as considerable increase on your phoning time and frequency, greeting to each other in every morning and evening, asking for help when you are in trouble, accompanying each other wherever you go. These performances indicate the heating relation between you two, since they surpass the friendship level. At this phase, you should be aware that the heating of your relation is not an instant result but a gradual course, therefore remember to give way when she react uncomfortably. By continuous efforts, try to estimate the degree of the girl’s acceptance to you. 

After acquiring the correct love course, you might be aware of your problems in love and what remains for you is to take the advantage of your excessive familiarity, regaining attraction and heating up your relation. Imply the girl that you are not a mere friend and increase her affection to you.