How to Leave a Great Impression on Your Date at the First Meeting

By : Written by our website Aug 16, 2021
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Many friends really want to know how to make a great impression on the first date since they always get the opposite effect after taking the advice from the old. Today I’ll show you a few simple tips collected from young experts to leave a good impression on your date!

1. Split the Bill

In the first date, do not rush to let him/her treat you to a meal or movie, even if he/she insists. The reasons are as follows. First, there won't be a next time to share a meal together if you don't have a feeling for him/her. Then you would owe him a favor without a chance to return. Second, it is recommended to have separate checks on the first date, which is a basic courtesy when meeting with a stranger.

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2. Avoid Overdressing

On the first date, there is no need to overdress or wear exaggerated makeup. Daily plain clothes can be suitable, which may show your relaxedness!

3. Manege Body Odor

Be sure to pay attention to your body odor. No one want to stay in a space or hang out with someone who has bad smell. If you tend to sweat, it is recommended to spray a little antiperspirant before your first date. Female friends can choose to spray some light perfume that emits hormones, which will also augment your sexual attraction. Don't wear clothes with a strong barbecue smell on a date! lt's kind of awkward!

4. Talk About Yourself

It is advisable to chat topics about yourself on the first date. During the getting-to-know-you stage, topics about recent occurrences can attract the other party, making it easier for both sides to remove defenses and generate a sense of intimacy, so as to shorten your inner distance on your first meeting!

5. Learn to Listen to Others

During interaction, be sure to listen to what your partner says. Beside that, you need to look directly into his eyes and make eye contact, which renders him a feeling of being cared, rather than being perfunctory. 

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