How to Know If a Guy Likes You

By : Written by our website Aug 03, 2021
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Many girls sometimes would wonder whether guys who say they love you at first sight really like you. If he does, what are their performances? Let’s find out the answer as shown below.

1. Observe His Attitude

If a girl doesn’t offer to talk to you, maybe it’s because she’s waiting for you to take a move. But if he doesn't do it, it’s mostly because he is not interested in you. In the adult world, in fact love is very simple. If he likes you, he will try to get close to you. That’s because there’s only one expression of love: desiring to be with you.

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2. Observe His Friends' Attitude

Out of male territorial awareness, boys don’t like to talk too much about their girlfriend in front of their friends. But he will proclaim “sovereignty” invisibly when communicating with friends, approving your excellence and agreeing with your ideas. Also, he will fully respect your choices and won’t let them kid you. Male desire to be in possession is inherent, as it originates from the territorial consciousness of primitive man. So those who rarely highlight your existence in front of friends and make you feel uneasy are untrustworthy, actually what he really thinks is quite doubtful. Hence, his friends’ attitude to you can indirectly reflect his attitude to you. Just as the saying goes, “Friend’s wife cannot be bullied.”, if his friends give you enough respect, it is proved that he really likes you.

3. Observe His Degree of Generosity

We all know that even middle school students would take old-fashioned but popular measures like buying drinks or snacks to pursue girls they have a crush on. Therefore, it’s impossible that a boy doesn't know it. There was a prevailing saying on the internet - If a man has $10,000 in his hand and he spends $100 on you, then he’s giving you 1% love; if a man has $100 in his hand and he spends $99 on you, then he’s giving you 99% love. Almost every man keeps a dream of being macho boss that can bring his girl extreme material pleasure. Judging generosity depends not only on how much he has spent on you, but also on how much he actually owns. If he’s willing to give you all, trust me, this man must have feelings for you.