How to Get Your Best Friend to Fall in Love with You?

By : Written by our website Nov 08, 2021
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Have you ever been in love with a friend and been stumped as to how to win him/her over? In fact, it's not uncommon for people to have a crush on their close friends. Nevertheless, they have no idea of how to get their friends to fall in love with them. If you're not sure how to tell him/her your feelings without jeopardizing your friendship, here are some suggestions you'll like. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to be discreet and gradually capture his/her heart.

1. Give Him/Her a Hint

You are still friends because you were too hesitant to express your thoughts and affections for her/him. To get out of the friend zone, you should start sending indications to your friend that you like him/her more than a friend, including simple physical contact, comments, or a surprising gift. Any hint that could show your interest in him or her is worth a try.

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2. Get Flirting

Flirting is the most effective method to tell someone that you are into him or her. It may be tough for you to flirt with him/her at first because he/she may believe you are simply friends. Then, you should stick to utilizing your body or words to flirt with him/her, such as sitting shoulder to shoulder with him/her, or making ambiguous comments on his or her posts. In addition, remember to maintain eye contact with him/her at all times, and allow your eyes to convey your emotions to him/her.

3. Mind Your Appearance         

Never forget to work on your appearance. Let's face it, regardless of how we value someone’s inner beauty, we always focus on his or her appearance in the first place. Most people won't date you if your look doesn’t please their eyes, even though you are close friends. Therefore, you need to take care of your hair, brush your teeth, and keep your nails and skin clean. 

4. Play Hard to Get

When you're in love with your best friend, it's normal for you to spend time with her/him all day. However, absence makes the heart grow fonder. As a result, make an attempt to play the unavailable card. Back off a little when you're sure you're getting somewhere. If you see him or her every day, stay away from him/her for two days or so. He/she can end up missing you and realizing exactly how much he/she cares about you.