How to Get to Know Your Date Quickly

By : Written by our website Aug 11, 2021
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On our first date, we can be able to get a quick, objective overview of each other by observing the details. There’s so much we can learn about your date, especially from their unconscious movements. Compared with language, these actions are more representative of each other’s psychology and attitude. Here are four ways to get to know each other quickly.

1. Seat Selection

After entering a restaurant or a public place, some people take a quick look around and find a satisfying seat, while others can’t. Generally, the latter kind of people is more likely to be a perfectionist. Whatever they do, they want the best. When you meet this type of date, be careful to guide them and don't let them wander around, or it will be difficult to get the date off the ground.

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2. Smoking Gesture

People behave most naturally when they smoke, so it’s reasonable to observe the other person’s smoking posture to have some overall judgment of him or her. But it’s worth noting that people who don’t smoke on a regular basis are more desirable.

3. Fonts

There is a scientific basis for judging personality traits by handwriting, even though nowadays people are less likely to write by hand. If we are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of someone’s handwriting during a date, we can make a guess at their personality based on this rule.

4. The Kind of Wine One Drinks

Wine, as a necessity in the present communication occasion, is not only a good thing to deepen the relationship between people, but also a tool to understand each other’s psychology. People with different personality and psychological characteristics also have different preferences when choosing wine. Moreover, there are many kinds of wine, which provides us with more detailed reference standards.

Mastering the four ways to get to know your date quickly is undoubtedly the most efficient way to get a holistic, objective view of a person on a date, so it’s worth taking the time to observe these details. The above methods of getting to know a date from some unconscious details are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are many other ways, such as appearance and clothes, which we will share later.

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