How to Get a Guy to Admit His Affection for You?

By : Written by our website Aug 03, 2021
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You have a secret crush on someone. The thought of him always makes your heart beat faster and your palms sweat. Certainly, you’re trying to figure out if he likes you, too. But how do you get a man to admit that he likes you? There are many ways to get a guy to open up his inner world, and if you make more effort, you’ll find the answer.

1. Build Trust

He may not confess his love frankly because he doesn’t trust you enough. He may feel that if he tells you first, you will only reject him, and may even laugh at him. Men are inclined to feel secure before they share their feelings. If he thinks you’re trustworthy, he’ll be more willing to open up to you. But remember, trust building cannot be accomplished overnight. You need to spend more time to make him feel reassured and comfortable while staying by your side.

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2. Show Your Interest

You must show that you are interested in talking to him and getting to know him. If he sends you a message asking what you’re doing and you say “Nothing”, you don’t show your interest and end the conversation. You have to encourage him to talk to you by replying more. Also, ask him questions about what he likes and share things that make him feel comfortable. Another positive aspect of encouraging communication is that it promotes trust -- the more he opens up to you, the more he trusts you.

3. Share Your Feelings

After a long and pleasant conversation about assorted topics from the weather, politics to celebrities and so forth, you can open your mind and talk more about your feelings. Conduct a deeper and more intimate conversation, where you can share your feelings with great enjoyment. That would help him embrace the idea that “Hey, girl, I have feelings for you”.

4. Make Him Jealous

That’s somewhat mean but it’s just a needed impetus for his confession. Try flirting with other men in front of him. If he really likes you, you’ll find it makes him upset. But, girl, please bear in mind that keep elegant and know your limits.

5. Make Him Miss You

It is definitely true that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”. Don’t keep him on call 24/7; think about it, if you’re always around someone, you lose some fun, doesn’t it? You should let him know that you have your own life and your entire existence does not revolve around him. Missing you makes him want you more, who knows, maybe even admit that he likes you.