How to Fix a Toxic Relationship?

By : Written by our website Oct 27, 2021
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When you’re in a happy relationship, everything seems to fall into place. Sure, there are setbacks, but you could make decisions together, discuss any issues freely, and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. However, not all relationships go well. A toxic one might leave you feeling vulnerable and unhappy. And it’s preferable to end such a relationship unless your partner is prepared to work out with you. If so, how do you fix a toxic relationship together?

1. Engage in Sensible Communication

You can start by having sensible communication with your partner, bringing up the realities you’ve been withholding, and then figuring out the solutions, even though it’s difficult. As you fix things, pay special attention to your tone or words. What you need is a clear-headed and peaceful conversation rather than a big fight and hysteria with the other person. That is to say, you should avoid sarcasm and small barbs.

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2. Seek Professional Help

People often find it difficult to undertake inner work and self-reflection on their own. As a result, seeking professional assistance from a therapist can assist each individual in addressing their issues while simultaneously helping rekindle the love between the couple. An openness to counseling can indicate that things can be fixed. Following through on this might be crucial in moving the relationship ahead.

3. Let the Past Rest

If you want to fix a toxic relationship, you have to forget about your past unpleasantness and arguments. If you keep holding on to the past, then you will always have a grudge. Even though you make up with him/her in the moment, the conflict between you will still erupt soon after. Once you decide to fix your toxic relationship, the past should be less important or even weightless compared to your new future.

4. Learn to Become Emotionally Independent

One of the obvious signs of a toxic relationship is emotional dependence. It means that you are dependent on your partner for happiness, confidence, and fulfillment. To fix your unhealthy relationship, you should learn to control your emotional state and be emotionally independent. You cannot rely on your lover every time but have to make your own decisions and choices independently, which also gives him/her the room to calm down and breathe.