How To Cope With The Loneliness Of Being Single

By : Written by our website Sep 28, 2021
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This may be a widely connected world, but people in it are not so connected. According to a survey by Statista, the number of single-person households rose from 6.9 million to 36.2 million in the US, and this is a global phenomenon with the industrialization of human society. Even with the aid of the Internet, we still seem to be drifting away from human companionship. Whatever your life might be, there might still be a stage where you are single and lonely. Here are some ways to cope with the loneliness of being single.

Live with a pet

Whether you are into a dog, cat, or some other exotic pets, sharing rooms with another living creature will surely bring some breeze of life to your lonely life. Loads of studies have suggested that people with a canine companion have healthier heart rates and blood pressure, less likely to get cardiovascular diseases or die suddenly. Other studies have expanded the horizon and found that some other pets have similar effects on people, and all of which work as if you are in love with a human companion, minus the risks of getting into quarrels. You get to enjoy all the fun outdoors and the opportunity to run into someone walking your pet anyway, so go ahead and get yourself a pet!

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Join communities online or in the neighborhood

And if you are not ready for a life in solitude, you might need to consider joining some human groups of some sort. Either out of pure interest or you are in need of some help, you get to see some human faces and stay busy communicating instead of feeling down for yourself or getting drunk to get rid of bad feelings. Even if you can’t find a lasting friend, simply talk with some willing to listen still helps to cope with the loneliness. And if you happen to find someone who shares your hobbies, days of loneliness will soon be history.

Meet up with friends

Where are your friends? Go out there and meet them occasionally, even if you have not contacted them for a long time. Talk to someone and establish your connections right away. Humans are social animals and the desire to socialize is buried deep in our DNA. Maybe friends can’t get you your desired partner, but they got your back along the way.

Use dating sites or apps

This is the part where you can actually start to solve your problem once and for all. Should it be that your work is limiting you from meeting various people, and then you need to find your ideal mate throughout the Internet. Start seeing people and having conversations with those you are interested in, and maybe someday you will soon be meeting them up.

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