How to Confess Your Love Without Getting Rejected

By : Written by our website Jul 30, 2021
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I don't know since when, boys take confession as the premise of the confirmation of a relationship. They hold the attitude of winning when confess, which will not only put pressure on girls, but also lower down the chance of success. Each time I felt sorry for a boy been rejected. So how to confess your love without getting rejected? There are three things you can do to double your success.

1. Exercise Speaking Skills

If two boys now confess to a girl at the same time, one simply says "I like you, let's get together", and the other says "I want to upgrade our pure friendship, what do you think?" There is a great difference between the two methods. The first is very direct and there is no way out, and the second is more humorous. Girls will think that it’s relaxing to fall in love with you in the future, they can get along happily, and there is room for both sides to consider. So I guess most girls will choose the latter. This is also the norm in the relationship. The slightly stiff words of many boys will embarrass the confession, and neither side has a retreat.

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2. Choose Right Time

Whether the boys’ confession is successful or not depends on the timing. Most confession comes suddenly, and the girls are not mentally prepared. Suddenly someone stands up and says that I like you and asks your permission of being together, girls will regard it as abrupt rather than romantic. The correct way is that you should show your feeling and concern during the daily communication and interactions, so that she will be touched by your tenderness. After realizing the difference between her and other girls, your relationship will develop fast. Then after a short preliminary preparations, there is a big chance that your confession will be accepted. 

3. Making Appropriate Plan

Depending on the personality of the girl, the way of confession will be different. But the only thing in common is that you need to choose the right place and way of confession with sincerity, which is extremely important. If you take a quiet girl to the sports field to confess, you will most likely fail. So planning a confession based on the girl’s personality is very important. You need to clearly understand her personality and hobbies, create a comfortable atmosphere for her when confessing. Express your feeling for her when she is relaxed and comfortable. There is a high probability that girls will accept your confession, and you could start a romantic relationship.