How to Communicate Your Needs in a Relationship

By : Written by our website Oct 13, 2021
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It can be a tough task to express your needs in a relationship, especially for those who are willing to compromise and please others. However, it is vital for you to communicate what you want so as to forge a healthy relationship. To express what you need can be daunting sometimes and requires you to muster courage. Therefore, we are going to share some ways to effectively communicate your needs in a relationship.

1. Know What You Want and Express Your Needs Clearly

One thing you should do before clarifying your demands is to be clear about what exactly you want on your side. Otherwise, your indecisiveness would result in your disappointment. Don't let yourself overwhelmed by emotional and irrational thoughts. Instead, you need to try taking a deep breath and slowing down your speech to make yourself expressed as explicitly as possible. Therefore, your partner will practically get to know your needs, and that’s the first step to get your needs met.  

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2. Try Using "I" in Your Utterance

What's the big deal when starting your statement with "You"? Let's try comparing these two sentences, "You let me down" and "I feel disappointed". The sentence beginning with "You" sounds more reproachful. It is rational to give a feedback to the other party, but what he/she hears is more like is a succession of complaints, which is more likely to make you drift apart. Consequently, you should practice communicating your demands by a way of expressing about who you really are and what matters to you. When you express your needs by starting your sentences with “I”, your partner’s response may surprise you.

3. Be Confident

We can assure you that the expression of your needs won't be an offence to your partner. Therefore, you may remain confident to verbalize what you want after acquiring some communication skills. Having demands doesn't mean you are needy and demanding. It does show that you have some expectations in the relationship, and having your needs met can make you much happier and more enjoyable.

It's rewarding to let your guard down and be straightforward in your relationship, as well as communicating your demands. And it is not that hard to express your needs after you master the basic techniques.