How to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

By : Written by our website Dec 06, 2021
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Whether you and your partner are romantics or pragmatists, celebrating your wedding anniversary is a necessity. Every anniversary is a milestone, and doing something special on your wedding anniversary is a way to reaffirm your love for each other. Planning a wedding anniversary is both exciting and a bit overwhelming, because with such a special day, we want to make it as perfect as possible. If you really can't think of anything good to do, just keep reading below for some inspiration.

1. Traveling Abroad

You and your lover can be away from the usual living place to a brand new place, breathe different air, see different scenery, taste the richness of life, create more beautiful memories belonging to you. You can go to Cologne, Germany to see the Locked Bridge of Love; go for a walk in the Rodin Gardens in Paris; go to the beach in Thailand to see a beautiful sunset; go to Hokkaido to see the snow.

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2. Exchange of Love Letters

Reminisce about the good old years by writing letters to each other. Write every day for the year leading up to the anniversary, and then exchange letters on that day. You can write down all your past events together, how you felt about each other each day or what moved you. Anything you feel memorable can be written.

3. Choose an Unforgettable Gift

You can choose a gift that is meaningful to both sides. You can consider traditional gold and silver jewelry or both of you can purchase a large accessory for your family, such as a new TV, oven, etc. If you want to buy traditional gifts, here is a list of gifts: 10th anniversary of wood: 15th anniversary of tin: 20th anniversary of crystal: 25th anniversary of porcelain: 30th anniversary of silver: 40th anniversary of pearl: 50th anniversary of Ruby: 60th anniversary of gold: diamond.

4. Watch Your Wedding Videotape

This is a very popular way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Two people snuggle together on the couch, holding hands, and watch the wedding video. You'll laugh together at the nerves, or the ugliness, and relive the happy, youthful moments. You can watch it with your family and friends.

5. Invite Friends to Dinner to Celebrate

If there are old people and children in the family, a family dinner can be held on the wedding anniversary, and everyone can enjoy the time together happily. You can also directly invite friends to your anniversary dinner.

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