How Often Should You See Someone You're Dating?

By : Written by our website Sep 14, 2021
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You must be very excited and happy when you’re building a genuine connection with someone. This is especially true for people who are new to a relationship and desperately want to spend every second with their partner. However, you are not supposed to dive right into a relationship and begin to lose yourselves early on. You need time to evaluate your relationship and keep it fresh. Therefore, we suggest that you should see someone you’re dating once a week. Why is that? Here are some reasons.

Have Time to Reflect

Dating once a week, you'll have more time to reflect on your relationship. Are you right for each other? Is he or she serious about you? Take time to think about these questions. It’s easy for people to get swept away by a romantic crush. By limiting you and your partner to once-a-week dates, you’ll have time to check whether there are real sparks between you two. It allows you to make sure you get to know the person you're falling for, and more importantly, it can stop you from running into a commitment too soon that you may regret later.

Our Dating Journey

Make You Two Intensify Curiosity

Dating once a week allows you to intensify curiosity and keep the fun and mystery of love. But it doesn’t mean you should play hard to get. You don't need to show your everything to your partner in a short period. Otherwise, he or she will quickly lose interest in you. If you see each other once a week, you’ll have so much to talk about. At the same time, you will cherish every date. 

Feel Less Pain If You Two Don’T Work Out

This recommended date frequency may protect you from suffering much pain if you two break up. Imagine that if you spend every day of the week with him or her and then eventually the two of you didn't work out, how long will you spend to get over him or her? You, if only dating once a week, will hurt much less. 

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