How Many Dates is Enough Before Defining the Relationship

By : Written by our website Aug 12, 2021
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If a boy could date with a girl whom he has a crush on but hasn’t gone steady with her, he might be quite nervous and wonder that when it’s time to define the love relationship. Then will she pass you for your half-heartedness if you haven’t become exclusive to each other for a long time?

1. Depend on Your Dating Feeling

Some boys go steady with the girl after their first date, while others date for many times but finally become normal friends or even backup. It depends on how she feels when dating with you, so you need to take notice of her reaction, whether she is enjoying the date or just playing mobile phones and having a meal for free.

For instance, holding hands across the road is normal, so you can clearly know if she rejects you from her reaction. No matter how the girl pretends, her reaction is honest foremost. If one rejects you, you will receive instinct estrangement, which means it’s still early to define the relationship. You gonna need put in extra effort! 

When it’s time to go steady depends on whether you have the feeling of flipped as well as the impulse to be together rather than how many times you have dated. It’s unreasonable and unfavorable to quantify it. The reason why boys receive negative response is that girl feels boring when dating with you. Gradually, she might not reply to your messages and even blacklist you.

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2. Depend on Further Acquaintance with Each Other

Basically, a girl’s willingness to date with you for three times indicates she is interested in you. Then during the three dates, you might get to know her better and make it clear that whether you are the ideal one for each other. 

If you could keep chatting with a girl for a continuous week, at the same time she is willing to offer topics for chatting and share what happened to her, it is quite likely that she has a feeling for you. Then you can ask her out on a date if you believe it is necessary to continue your relationship.

As a result, there is no exact answer for how many dates you will need before your relationship becomes exclusive. Even after the first date, you may be able to take a try. Don’t delay for too long in case that the girl might think you are not serious.

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