Four Steps to Ask a Girl Out on a Date

By : Written by our website Aug 20, 2021
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Many boys may encounter such a situation that they can chat with girls but fail to ask them out on a date. Therefore, these four steps on how to ask girls out may help you a lot.

Step 1: Exchanging Information with Girls to Build a Sense of Security                                                

Most people may ignore the importance of building a sense of security because they find it unnecessary. Therefore, many boys will ask girls out at the beginning of the dialogue, which will result in a disappointing answer. You may think exchanging information means the exchange of names, age, and jobs. Actually, there is no need to exchange basic information when communicating online, and it is not too late to deliver information to girls when you are on a date. What kind of information could help you to establish a sense of security? You can message photos about your daily life to girls because photos can convey more real information than words.  

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Step 2: Showing That Your Are Serious About Dating                                                                         

In short, you need to let girls know that you are not a flirtatious person, which means that you are not a boy who is willing to date any girl. A girl may see you as a frivolous guy if you invite her to go out frequently, and she will find it a little disgusting.   

Step 3: Simplifying Your Dating Complexity     

Many girls reject your invitation just because of laziness. For example, the dating place is far away. Therefore, you should simplify the dating complexity as much as possible, and try to choose places where is convenient for them to go out with you. In a word, girls are more likely to accept your invitation if you offer a convenient dating plan.   

Step 4: Leaving Girls No Chance to Say No

To prevent girls from rejecting your invitation is to make a vague invitation. What is a vague invitation? It refers to an invitation with uncertain time and site. For instance, "Do you want to get something to drink?" Without a specific date and plan, it is hard for girls to say no because of social etiquette. However, if you get rejected under such circumstances, , you should consider which step goes wrong, or whether you behave well in your previous communication.     


In addition, when you make a invitation, try to provide an optional plan for your mate. For example, "Are we out for a drink or a movie?" Instead of considering whether go out with you or not, she will think about whether you should go for a drink or a movie. As a result, you can date her successfully.