Four Rumors About Homosexuality

By : Written by our website Aug 18, 2021
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Speaking of homosexuality, there are various opinions and stereotypes among the people, from the sexual preference and sexual life to the nature of homosexual relationships. Here are the four most popular rumors. Let's take a look at the views of relevant research!

Rumor 1: Do Gay Men Have Much More Sexual Partners than Heterosexual Men?

Although some politicians and anti homosexuals try to convince people that all gay men are a group of "licentious bitches"- don't be fooled by them! First of all, although the report of average shows that gay men usually have more sexual partners than straight men, it's best to look at the median before reaching a conclusion. According to the National Health and Social Life Survey, there is no obvious difference of median of sexual partners between the two types.

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Rumor 2: Will Children Raised by Gay Parents be Gay?

It is totally groundless to believe that homosexuality is learned through society or that children do become part of the gay community because of "temptation". Many studies have revealed that children raised by gay parents do not have more serious homosexual tendencies than children raised by opposite genders. Conversely, if homosexuality is acquired, heterosexuality should also be acquired. If so, why are most gay parents heterosexual?

Rumor 3: Are Men Who Look Feminine or Women Who Look Masculine More Likely to be Homosexuality?

It cannot be denied that there is indeed femininity of gay men and masculinity of lesbians. But more importantly, do not all homosexuals play specific gender roles, as do many heterosexuals. If a person's sexual orientation can be judged only by whether his or her behavior violates typical gender characteristics, everyone can identify the homosexuals around him at a glance - but this is not the case. 

Rumor 4: There Must be a "Husband" and a "Wife" Among homosexual Couples 

Although films like The Birdcage depict a homosexual couple as composed of a "husband" and a "wife", the reality is that they are unlikely to strictly play the roles compared with heterosexual partners. In fact, gay couples prefer to equally distribute their rights and responsibilities. 

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