Five Top Tips for the First Date

By : Written by our website Aug 11, 2021
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Sometimes a girl willing to date with you doesn’t mean that she likes you, maybe just because she is single and is inclined to observe if you’re fit for more contact. Hence, the first date is quite important. Also, there are many minefields. If you accidentally leave a bad impression, you may only be able to stay in friendzone. So let’s take a look at the five top tips for your first date!

1. Don’t Forget Basic Social Etiquette

Be punctual, give advanced notice when you're late, and set your phone to vibrate. (If you are really busy, please rearrange the date; Try not to play with your phone all the time.) Besides, don't eat too loudly and don't gobble. Remember to be kind to others like waiters, tax drivers and so forth, say thanks to them and open the door for the other party voluntarily. Details make you decent and appealing, and also enliven the atmosphere. It is applicable to both genders.

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2. A Slightly Rare but Romantic and Memorable First Date Idea

You could invite her to have a picnic in the park on a sunny day. Of course, you need prepare a lot before the date. Sandwiches, wine, desserts can be bought in the supermarket, but it’s more thoughtful to make by yourself. Both of you can bring something such as a blanket, a tablecloth, a red wine glass and so on. Don't bring Chinese food for you don’t look good while eating. Moreover, don't be afraid to be embarrassed. Romantic things are always unique.

3. Movies Are Not Recommended on the First Date

That’s because you may not be comfortable with each other. The lack of communication when watching movies makes it difficult to establish initial understanding and trust for each other. If you must see a movie, I suggest not to watch the romance film, because you two are not so familiar, it will be difficult to resonate with the emotions in the film. Horror movies can exert a drawbridge effect, but they’re not suitable for the first date. Action movies with heft dose of comedy are the best options as they are delightful and relaxing.

4. Don’t be Too Quick to Bring out Your Own Unique Aspects

Uniqueness could mean that you’re a little neurotic, or you’re madly in love with a Lithuanian underground band, or you have some sort of fetish. When two people first meet, no matter how cool or idiosyncratic you are, it’s hard to be attractive. Additionally, most of the time, it has opposite effects. Please silence your inner monster, start as a good normal person.

5. Avoid Dominating the Conversation and Ask More Questions

One who talks a lot is bored. Both men and women love attention from others. Asking questions is the best way to pay attention to. Also, it cannot be an insouciant or polite question. And try to remember the answer. Dating sometimes feels like a test of your sincerity, attention, and concentration.

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