Five Tips for Making Friends with Wealthy People

By : Written by our website Aug 06, 2021
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It seems that there are more and more rich people in modern society, and these people are not easy to deal with. People should be very careful when getting along with the rich, but not everyone could handle it. Experts point out, the reason why many people failed to make friends with rich people is that they didn’t have a correct attitude and couldn’t put themselves in right position of their relationship. Here are 5 tips for building friendship with wealthy people. After mastering these skills, you will impress them.

1.Don't be Inferior

Even if you are making friends with the world's richest man, there is no need to feel inferior. Everyone is born equal. Don’t blindly elevate others and belittle yourself. Otherwise, rich people will feel uncomfortable and even wary. Besides, don’t often mention "We are poor," or "We are from a working family," which is not only disgusting but also revolting.

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2.Don't Flatter

There are too many flattering people around the rich, who will only interminably compliment the latter one all day long about the cleverness, beauty, talent, and so on irrelevant things, to get some money from rich people. Actually, wealthy people already know the real intentions of these people, so it’s more fresh when encountering someone honest and upright.

3.Don't Talk About Money

Usually, rich people are more sensitive to money. If you keep talking about it all the time, he may wonder that if you are trustworthy and whether you are up to something bad. In this case, you have little chance to get close to him, not to mention earn his trust.

4.Don’t Speak Too Much

Those who associate with rich people tend to win more attention and respect from others. But if you often spread the news of your association with rich people, you will lose them once these behaviors been found. They will think that you can’t keep any secret, and your morality will be questioned. So it is best not to say too much if you wanna rich people like you. Of course, it might be nice to compliment rich people before or behind them.

5.Be Punctual

For rich people, "Time is money." If you don't understand this and show up a minute or two late for every date with a whole bunch of excuses, they will think you are unpromising and lose interest in you.

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