Five Taboos When Chatting with Someone on the Dating Apps

By : Written by our website Aug 28, 2021
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When it comes to online dating, people tend to be less tolerant than they are in real life. That is to say, if they feel the other person is a cold fish, they won’t waste their time. Instead, they will just move on. If your communication comes to a halt after the match on the dating apps, you should check if you violated any of these five taboos when chatting with someone.

Taboo 1: Just Say Hi

Saying hi is called "greeting", not "chatting". If you keep saying hello instead of starting the conversation, the other person will feel annoyed and bored. Keep talking after you say hi! What might be the follow-up topics? You may share some interesting stories in your life. Don’t start a conversation if you have nothing to talk about. A high quality conversation is worth a thousand greetings. 

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Taboo 2: Pry into the Schedule

Hey, you haven’t go steady yet, so the other party don't have to tell you what they are doing and where they are. Asking about his or her schedule can do nothing but make them stressful. As a result, they will start to keep away from you. You got to bear in mind that respecting others’ privacy is the top principle in a relationship. 

Taboo 3: Send Nothing But Links

When people don’t know what to talk about, they will send links to others. After sending, they won’t say anything, which only makes the other side confused. Links are useful, which can be a good conversation starter. But the point is how to connect the topic with you through the links.

Taboo 4: Be Too Involved in Telling Your Own Story.

Some people would like to share their stories and tend to make the story long with many tedious details. It often bores or even confuse their listeners. When sharing your story, you need to make it short and interesting by picking the highlights and choosing the right topics.

Taboo 5: Keep Sending Messages

Keeping sending messages would probably be regarded as impoliteness and even harrassment, especially when there is no reply. You can get a hint from such behavior of no response that she/he is not interested in you. Of course, there are some exceptions. If you're having a great conversation, and suddenly your partner gets slow in responding or doesn’t respond, there's a good chance that she is in the middle of doing other things. Please go about your own business, and wait a little while to start other topics and see how the other person reacts.

That’s all about the taboos that you should avoid when chatting on the dating apps. Therefore, you must pay more attention to how the other side reacts and how you make the conversation in a way that he or she is comfortable with, which will boost your chance to move on to the next stage in your relationship!