Five Chatting Taboos for Men

By : Written by our website Aug 16, 2021
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About 90% of men will make mistakes during the talk, letting girls lose interest in chatting with them. Only after correction may the girl take the initiative to find you to chat. Here are 4 chatting taboos for men.

1. Saying to Yourself

The most important thing in the communication between men and women is interaction. However, some men are not good at communicating as they are so immersed in their own world. The most common occasion is to use technical terminology when chatting with girls, but actually girls can't understand at all. So when you start a conversation like this, you may can not get a reply.

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2. Being Dull

The problem with other boys, especially the science geek, is that they are dull and unable to collect funny topics to chat with girls. Besides, they can only read girls’ literal meaning but not the subtext. Even if someone wants to have a conversation with you, she will soon end the conversation because it’s boring. Remember, when you're talking to a girl, try to use flirting skills to win her favor.

3. A Closed Topic

As I said before, don't ask closed questions during your talk. Keep in mind that the closed type of topic does not mean that there are only two answers for your question, but the reply from the women is limited. When you're chatting, instead of trying to think of a great response, it’s better to anticipate what's going to happen and change the topic if necessary.

4. Cannot Reply

The so-called “cannot reply” can be divided into two situations. One is too confident, and the other one is diffident. People who lack confidence tend to be modest and sarcastic. For this kind of boys, the key is to build self-confidence and carefully figure out your own logic of language. Whether you are outstanding or not, try to be moderate. In this way, Even if she doesn't like you, she'll respect you. On the contrary, the other kind of boys are too confident as they have no sense of boundary between men and women, and they are eager to boost the relationship, but finally losing girls’ trust. The right way is to keep restraint!

Okay, these are the four wrong ways to talk to a girl. Hope you won’t make mistakes when chatting with girls!

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