Dos And Don'ts Of Dating Multiple People

By : Written by our website Oct 15, 2021
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Today we are living in a fast-paced world. Being effective is an important element to consider when people organize their activities. It is also the case even when people are chasing their love. Therefore, more and more people date multiple people when they are trying to find a suitable lover. However, dating multiple people carries a social stigma, and is viewed as not showing commitment to a relationship and playing with fire. Actually, dating multiple people, when conducted inappropriately, can tarnish one's reputation and harm all the people involved in dating. Hence, if you decide to date multiple people, you’d better remember the following Dos and Don'ts.

Do - Be as Honest as Possible

Honesty is the key to develop a relationship of good quality. Honesty in this situation means that you should inform your dates that they are not your only dating mate, and also communicate with them about your expectation for the dating process. The dating period is a preparation for a mutually committed relationship, which means no tolerance for deceit. Being honest in this situation is good for everyone.

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Don’t - Date over Three People at a Time

Your time and energy are limited, so it’s recommended that you should control the number of your dates within 3. You will probably find yourself drained both emotionally and physically when you adopt the strategy of dating more than three people at a time. Furthermore, you will not be able to find the suitable one as quickly as possible because you have to allocate your time and thoughts to all dates. 

Do – Protect Yourself

Dating multiple people means you may have a higher chance to have intimate behaviors, so it's necessary to protect yourself. Never put your dates and yourself at risk.

Don’t - Feel Guilty

Don't feel guilty when you are dating multiple people at a time. If you’re upfront or do not hide your actions from your dates, you have no reason to feel guilty. For some people, dating multiple people at a time is just a strategy to find a suitable one in a relatively short period of time. Studies show that dating multiple people increases the possibility of finding true love than dating one person at a time. If you are actually dating multiple people, the above tips can help you be away from troubles.

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