Details Revealing Boys’ Lack of Confidence in a Relationship

By : Written by our website Aug 19, 2021
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Over the past years, I've accumulated a great deal of experience in dating with various girls. When seeing each other, I usually ask them what quality of man they appreciate most, and 80% of answers is confidence. Meanwhile, a lot of men having a romantic relationship with a woman often inadvertently shows diffidence that are rarely found by themselves. There are a few mistakes I've found that will expose your lack of confidence.

1. Care Too Much about Results

Many beginners usually learn to flirt with girls from the book and have no practical experience. So the most common trouble is that they care too much about result even before taking actions. For instance, one seeing his crush dares not to strike up a conversation with the girl because of the fear of rejection. The more he thinks, the more anxious he is. When he finally decides to step forward after a distressing struggle, the woman has already left. Additionally, someone who has learned relevant skills may be brave to say “Hey, my friend is still waiting for me over there, I think you are quite special and want to know you, is it convenient to leave your phone number”. But if the woman rejects him, he will be upset and cannot hit on girls any more. We all hope to have a good result before doing anything, but paying too much attention to the result will only restrict your behavior and make it impossible to attract others. Therefore you have to manage the frustration with confidence.

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2. Seek Approval

Some guys are used to asking women that “where to go or what to eat” during the dating. However, this kind of performances will leave a bad impression on girls. Because girls may draw a conclusion that you are not manly and confident enough. There is no need to seek girls’ approval for everything.

3. Fail to Monitor Your Emotions

Reading faces could help us to understand potential emotions of other people, so as to better upgrade your relationship. But if everyone could easily know your moods, especially anger, girls may feel stressed and doubt that whether they have made any mistakes. However, a confident man can successfully control his emotions and hide his outrage.

4. Belittle Others

Some people who lack of confidence will put others down in the process of flirting with a girl. They feel better by belittling other people who are even more excellent than themselves. They wrongly believe that this behavior will draw girls’ attention, while it doesn’t. The man who improves his own value by belittling others will only make women look down upon him more. A man who is truly confident will appreciate the effort and excellence of others rather than make fun of them.