Dating Tips You Need to Know

By : Written by our website Aug 14, 2021
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Today I'm gonna show you tips as well as taboos leading to a perfect chat and date. What should you do during the meeting? I'm going to explain to you around these dating tips.

I.Chatting Tips for Dating

1. Food is a dating topic that never outstays or goes wrong. For instance, you can ask your date about her eating habits. Whether she eats spicy food and desserts? This versatile topic not only breaks up the awkwardness of the date, but also touches on her food preferences. 

2. Also, the topic of movies or TV shows can be covered. There is a consistency in a person's taste in the things they appreciate and the people they fall in love with. By knowing which star she likes, you can also infer from her mate selection criteria. You can also make a little change to make you too more compatible.

3. Talk about the hot trend. It's never embarrassing to talk about this trendy topic. You can know what she likes and what she is attracted to in terms of dressing through this topic. You can also start dressing up after that.

4. Talk about entertainment news. You can expand on the gossip news of interest, so in this way you will no longer be afraid of the lack of topics.

Our Dating Journey

II. Dating Notes

1. Always be vigilant when staying with strangers and do not trust others easily. Sometimes your intuition can deceive you. So communicate more in order to make a full understanding of the date.

2. Choosing the right time and place for a date is also a good protection for yourself.

3. When dating, it is important to be aware of what he is saying. The internet does not give a full view of a person's true background or true character. So when dating, you have to learn to read his words, as it is a good time to perceive him sensually.

4. Keep a normal heart. If you are not compatible with your date, don't force it. Remember not to commit your full emotions too soon.

5. Please do not have sex with someone casually.

6. Please do not have a lending relationship with online friends.

III. Chatting Taboos

1. Don't attack the flaws of others. You may think you are funny and humorous, however, in the other person's opinion you are a jerk.

2. Don't always keep asking sensitive information, such as income, education, savings. For these private issues can be asked later after mutual understanding.

3. Don't pretend to understand. You will make a lot of jokes, only making each other embarrassed.

4. Don't over confide in each other. You have to know that you are not looking for an emotional garbage can.

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