Can Your Relationship Survive After Lies?

By : Written by our website Oct 19, 2021
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When it comes to lies, people always consider it as bad behavior. That idea may be true. Nevertheless, whether lying is positive or negative in a relationship is not that simple to define. And in that case, the possibility of whether the relationship can survive after lies depends on many factors, such as rationalization, motivation, frequency of it, etc.

The Reason for Lies

A study of America shows that people normally lie six times per day. Does this mean people are all bad? Certainly not. People choose to lie for different reasons. We have to find out the reason why your partner isn’t honest with you. For instance, if he/she lies to you for your good, we call it a white lie. But if your lover uses lies to cover his/her inappropriate behavior, your relationship can be quite in danger. So, figuring out the reason for lying can determine if your relationship can last or not.

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The Frequency of Lies

To be honest, no one can be totally frank in a relationship, and we don't have to expose everything to each other. Hence, occasional lies without actual damage are allowed between couples. But if your partner's lies are happening with an increasing frequency, this may pose huge threat to your relationship. Only trust and love can get two people together. If your partner has ruined one of them, it's normal for you to have the idea of ending the relationship.

Your Attitude Towards Lies

What we talked about above is mainly from the perspective of the person who lies. Now, we may need to change our point of view. People hold different opinions on lies, so your attitude towards lies also plays a key role in your relationship. If you are a person who is more emotionally involved or has low self-esteem, you may tolerate your partner’s lies, and then your relationship can survive much longer. If not, your partner would better not tell a lie, even a white lie.