Best Topics When Chasing a Girl

By : Written by our website Jul 30, 2021
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Chatting is a necessary skill when chasing a girl you are fond of. If you want to chat with her, firstly you need to have a certain understanding of the girl, and then slowly change the topic to her favorite aspect.

1. Talk about Her Preferences

If you're not sure what’s her hobby, it's better to talk about music and movies at first. Secondly, you can start with TV series, cosmetics, clothes, food, entertainment, etc. When it comes to what the girl is interested in, she will talk a lot, and the relationship will become closer.

You can learn about the girl from her friends, including her preferences, personality, habits, interests and so on. Pay attention to her social platforms and observe the daily changes so as to have an acquaintance with her favorite dishes, sightseeing places and so on. Then chat about her preferences according to the actual situation you have learned. Only in this way can you create more common topics and have a pleasant conversation without embarrassment.

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2. Talk about Previous Experiences

A girl will have an impulse to express herself when she met the right one, so you can talk about the previous experiences in order to better know each other. Everyone's experience is full of happiness and pain. Girl will be touched by the one who is interested in her experience. As long as the other side is willing to share the past with you, then the relationship between you two will go forward a step. When you begin to get closer, there are more topics you can chat.

3. Talk About Yourself

Girl may feel disgusted if being asked questions all the time when she didn’t know you very well, as this only poses her a feeling that she is interrogated as a prisoner. When you first meet, try to share yourself instead of keeping asking. You could share your daily life, something interesting, for instance, “On my way home, a stray dog followed me all the time”. Most girls are warmhearted and like animals, you could have a conversation on this topic. Then they will be attracted by you when she find your highlights.

4. Talk About Dreams

When you have a certain understanding of each other, you could have conversation on your dreams. If you always keep talking about problems in life, you will be considered haven’t grown up. So it's better to start in-depth chat at this time, in this way girls can find more charm and shining points of you, which could boost your relationship.