Best First Date Conversation Tips for Introverts

By : Written by our website Aug 31, 2021
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It can be daunting for introverts or those who have social anxiety to have a conversation on a first date. Chances are that you will screw up on your first date without well preparing for the conversation. Cheesy pick-up lines won't help you out. An engaging conversation is supposed to spark the dates' interest, make them get to know each other and display their intelligence and lovely temperaments. There are some keys to the perfect first dating conversations. To impress your date in just a few minutes, it's worth a shot to follow these first date conversation tips, which may help you to get a second date.

1. Small Talk Does Count

Conversation is of great importance to those on a first date, which doesn't mean it has to be formal and serious initially. Small talk seems a little superficial and meaningless, and some people will skip it. Avid as you are for more information about your partner, there is a whole lot of time to have deep conversation. You should embrace small talk with greetings on the first meeting. It will help to build the trust between you and ease your partner. After all, you start from being complete strangers, so don't jump into the conversation involving something personal.

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2. Ice-Breaking Topics Can Be a Game Changer

Even though you hit it off with someone online, you may encounter an awkward silence when you are dating offline. It's suggested that you should prepare some conversation starters or ice-breaking topics ahead of time to avoid the embarrassing silence, such as interesting stories that ever happened to you, your hobbies or current affairs. Appropriate topics will intrigue your partner so as to bring you closer and make your conversation go on smoothly.

3. What You Should and Shouldn't Talk About

On your first date, there are some do's and don'ts in the conversation that you should keep in mind. You could make a complimentary remark genuinely if your partner dresses so well, and there is no need to be stingy with your compliments. Or, you could actively share some hobbies and reviews on something. But in the initial phase, you should avoid asking about something too personal, which is kind of annoying for the person that you just met. What's more, you should avoid gossiping about others, because it's rude in the first place and will leave a bad impression that you are mean. 

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