Avoid These Mistakes When Flirting With a Girl You Just Met

By : Written by our website Aug 17, 2021
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When you first meet, the girl is interested in you at the beginning. But the more you talk, the clearer the girl realizes that you are just average. Finally the girl replies, "You are very nice, but we don’t match". More than that, she deletes you without saying a word. Don't worry, I used to be like you. After years of practice and research, I summarized these mistakes which should be avoided in communication for those who are still struggling in the emotional world.

1. Professing Your Love

Since the first awakeningof love, all the movies and TV series in which the hero tells us, in the face of your favorite girl, you must be bold to express your feeling. The harsh truth is that you often get rejected by something like "Sorry, I already have a crush" or "You're great, but not my type". Or when encountering a nice girl, she will say "I am busy at studying/working right now ".

I told myself more than once: Girls are too busy to have a love relationship. Bro, wake up, don't deceive yourself. Have you any received a positive response after profession? Even then we had the worry that if I didn't express my feelings, what would happen if someone did? It can be said that to confess, nine times out of ten will be rejected. Especially for someone who is not excellent , you must give up the idea of profession.

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2. Believing You Can Be Her Boyfriend by Being Nice to Her

How to flirt with a girl you just met? People who have no flirting skills wrongly believe that girls will go steady with them as long as they are proactive to show their enthusiasm. Picking her up from work every day or buying medicine when girl posted on social media that she is sick; those behaviors are improper for your current period. Boy feels that only if he keeps being nice to her, the woman would promise to be his girlfriend. However, in the end, he will get a reply - You would be a great boyfriend, but I don't have feelings for you.

3. Being Full of Yourself

A lot of people in the process of flirting like to guess what women think about with their own perspectives. For example, if women do not like them, they think they are not handsome or not rich enough. In fact, whether a girl likes you or not has nothing to do with whether you are rich or handsome. The root cause is that you're expressing a strong sense of need and showing low value before you have attracted a girl. Women don't like you, but you insist that they're testing you.

Therefore, on the way to a successful relationship, we must give up the wrong thinking mode and instill it with the effective thinking method of others. Only in this way can we put ourselves in the right place and stay away from being full of yourself.

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