9 Signals That Your Love is Waning

By : Written by our website Jul 30, 2021
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In romantic relationships, we will find that some lovers are more and more inseparable as well as attached by each other, while some lovers, as time goes by, lost their passion and patience. Why do couples become colder as they get along? With time elapsing and affection waking, what are the signs of a waning love? Here are nine signals that couples are about to turn their relationships into friendship.

Signal 1: Stop Expressing Love

If your partner doesn't hug you, kiss you, or say love as often as before, or even regard sending you flowers and gifts as a bit awkward, there’s something wrong.

Signal 2: No Longer Care About You

Stay together comfortably with no concerns indicates the emotional stability of your relationship, but if your partner no longer cares about whether you are attracted by him/her, you are more likely friends, instead of lovers.

Signal 3: No Eager to Sex life

It is normal to have less sex after the honeymoon ended. But if it is a drastic change, this may be a warning of your relationship.

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Signal 4: Stop Participating in Your Plans

You don’t consider each other when making plans, just focus on whatever you want and don’t wanna the other to join in. In this case, you should think about your relationship. 

Signal 5: Never Stop Wiping Phone When Being with You

If your lover keep wiping phone when you are together, which may mean that he/she doesn’t care about you so much and would rather spend time on social media.

Signal 6: Feel Bad When See Sweet Couples

If you're upset when you see other sweet couples instead of feeling joyful for them, it's because you can't even remember how you felt when you were happy with your partner in the past, so you're frustrated, irritable, and angry.

Signal 7: Stop Sharing Life and Being Real in Front of Each Other

Your life become isolated. There is no intersection between your life, and your intimacy plummets. Moreover, you are not willing to expose yourselves in front of each other and feel embarrassed, there may be some problems that need to be resolved.

Time can breed love, but also can kill love. Once a man and a woman get along for a long time, the mystery and the freshness are depleted, and their affection gradually goes downhill. At this time, you should pay attention to each other with true love, so that the relationship can last.

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