7 Things You Should Never Say on a First Date

By : Written by our website Oct 11, 2021
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Whether a first date can be exciting or upsetting depends on what you say. When two people meet for the first time, they are usually on guard. If you say something offensive or make poor timely jokes, your date may feel disappointed and decide not to see you anymore. What are the things you should never say on a first date? Here are the worst phrases that will ruin a romantic evening.

 “My Ex Used to..."

Don't ruin your first date by referring to your ex. Nobody wants to know what your ex said or did when you were together. If you talk too much of your ex, it seems that you never get over the past. It will make you look less attractive and emotionally unavailable.

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Take Order for Your Date before Asking

Don't tell the waiters what your date wants to order without asking what he/she likes. You don't know much about each other since you are on the first date. This behavior will make your date think you are way too bossy and not considerate of others.

 “When You Meet My Mom…”

It's too early to talk about meeting your parents on a first date. It gives a lot of pressure on a person you meet for the first time. You can think about it later after making sure you get on well with each other.

Refer to Your Plan for Marriage and Children

Again, you should avoid talking about your plan for marriage and kids. This is too much for a first date.

"I have a lot of experience with guys/ladies"

Bragging about your dating experience is weird and will let your date think badly of you. "I have a lot of experience with guys/ladies" is never a phrase welcomed by people on a first date.

Ask about Their Income on a First Date

People don't like to be asked about their income on a first date. Therefore, hold back your curiosity about his/her wealth because it makes your date think you value money too much.

Talk about Racism or Politics

Your first date should be romantic and help you know more about each other, so don't ruin the atmosphere by talking about racism, feminism, or politics. Remember that politics often leads to conflicts even among family and friends, let alone you and your date meet for the first time. It's not necessary to risk your potential relationship.

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