6 Things That Could Kill Your Relationship

By : Written by our website Oct 14, 2021
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Relationships don't go sour overnight, and the killer of your love is composed of different reasons. What are the toxic things we say or do to our partners without notice? The most unwelcome things that could kill your relationship are as follows:

Lack of Communication

Lack of communication is the easiest way to kill your love for your partner. Many people would like to guess what their partners mean instead of communicating with each other, so your relationship will enter a death spiral.

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Criticizing Your Partner for Trivial Things

Though it's natural for couples to complain, criticizing your partner too often is bad for your relationship. According to the relationship expert John Gottman, criticism is different from the complaint because the former  focuses on attacking the other party. In this case, your partner may have a bad feeling about himself/herself, and even start to reconsider your relationship.

Being Unfaithful in a Relationship

Nothing hurts more than infidelity in a relationship. If someone cheats on his/her spouse, the betrayed partner will feel endless pain caused by the betrayal. According to the investigation, being betrayed hurts mentally, emotionally, and physically. It takes time to recover from an emotional bruise like this. Most of the time, infidelity causes the end of a relationship because few people are willing to forget and forgive their unfaithful partners.

Being Together All the Time

For some people with an anxious attachment style, they can’t tolerate being alone and are highly dependent on their partners. But in a healthy relationship, both you and your lover need some personal space to be yourselves. Being together all the time easily gets people bored, and thus kills the relationship.

Lack of Enough Quality Time Spending Together

Like we said before, no personal space in a relationship is not recommended. But if you and your partner are both busy at work and unable to find time to spend quality time together, your relationship might be on the verge of ending. Quality time is one of the five love languages, so the lack of it will leave couples the feeling of empty and indifferent.

Having Different Plans for the Future

If you and your partner's life plans start going in different directions and can't reach a compromise, your relationship will face a challenge. It's no news that people break up for these reasons: you want to have kids but your partner doesn't, or you want to live in another city but your partner doesn't like the idea of moving...

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