6 Reasons Why You May Feel Trapped In A Relationship

By : Written by our website Dec 06, 2021
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Being in a relationship with someone is never going to be easy. Sometimes you may feel trapped in a relationship and suffocate somehow. If so, that means something's wrong with your relationship. And it's time to spend time figuring out what caused the problem and trying to find a solution. Here are some probable reasons why you may feel trapped in a relationship.

You Have Changed

As time goes by, you may change a lot, and you are not the same person as you were when you fell in love with your partner. You may be more mature and realistic compared to the little girl or boy you used to be. The perfect lover now may not seem as lovable as before. On the other hand, your partner may also not be happy with the person that you have become.

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You Spend Too Much Time Together

Spending too much time together may be another main reason for boredom in a relationship. Though there are no criteria for how much time a couple should spend together, giving each other enough personal space is necessary. You don't have to do everything together. Try to do some of your favorite things in their absence.

Your Daily Life Settles into a Routine

After you've been together for a long time, your daily life may settle into a routine and lack variation. You may watch the same programs on TV and order the same takeaway food every day. A monotonous lifestyle is not good for your relationship, and you'll lose the excitement you used to feel. You probably need to make a change and add some spice to your life.

You Are Not Being Heard

You will feel being trapped in a relationship if your needs are not taken into account. You need to talk to your partner from time to time because communication is essential to a happy and healthy relationship.

Your Partner Imposes too Many Rules and Restrictions

It can be suffocating if your partner is a person of order and imposes too many rules for you to follow. It happens among those people who feel insecure in a relationship, especially if they have an anxious attachment style. For example, they may require you to be home early in the evening and not hang out too often with your friends. If your freedom to do whatever you want is taken away in this case, you may feel trapped in a relationship. Then it’s time when you need to talk with your partner about it.

Maybe There Is Gaslighting in Your Relationship

Maybe your partner is trying to gaslight you, but you are not aware of it. You may have heard the word "gaslighting" on social media but never thought it might happen to you. The truth is that many people use this psychological tactic to manipulate their partners. According to psychologists, gaslighters try to distort or put down their concerns. They might say you've gained too much weight or that you don't look good in your new clothes. What they say is far from the truth. No one will be happy in a relationship like this. If you spot any signs of gaslighting, you need to end the relationship and leave the manipulating partner.