6 Icebreaker Topics to Chat with Girls Online and Offline

By : Written by our website Aug 26, 2021
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Don't know how to break the ice every time you meet and chat with someone of the opposite sex? The following six ice-breaking topics will help you to chat with girls online or offline with great ease!

Topic 1: Weather

If it is the first time that you meet her, it is recommended that you go further one step at a time when chatting instead of doing it in a rush. Otherwise, you will make her feel tense. As a result, you may start with a topic that is not directly related to her "privacy". Instead, talking about trifles such as "weather" is a good way to start your conversation. 

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Topic 2: Current Affairs

If there is an interesting topic in recent news, it also can be a good conversation starter. Of course, you should avoid sensitive topics such as politics, religion, race, violence, pornography, etc. Besides, you are supposed to talk about something interesting, soothing and easy to arouse emotional resonance on your first date.

Topic 3: Holiday

Whether you are a student or an office worker, talking about your plans for a recent or upcoming holiday is a great way to keep your conversation going. From the holiday planning, you may also pry into her lifestyle and habits, which is helpful to decide what you are going to talk about, whether you will go on with the current one or shift your topic.

Topic 4: Food and Travel

Cuisine and tourism are common topics of the conversation between men and women. From these topics, you can not only learn about his or her eating habits but also can see if he or she has "special habits" when traveling. As a result, it makes it clear what you shouldn’t say so as to evade embarrassing topics.

Topic 5: Hobbies

After sharing the topic on eating habits, you can go further by talking about hobbies. It will give an opportunity to get a deeper knowledge of her/his preferences. 

Topic 6: Place of Residence, Commute, Education, Family Background and Love Experience

After you've got to know more about each other, you can pry into the background on condition that you act politely without gossiping. You may start to talk about yourself before asking about the other one so as to avoid giving her much pressure to chat.