5 Subtle Signs She Wants to Be More Than Just Friends

By : Written by our website Sep 24, 2021
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Are you confused about how to tell whether a woman likes you or not? Women may be difficult to read, which may get in the way of your love journey. But if you have a clue about what signals to indicate she's interested, you'll be able to read them. The following 5 subtle signs she wants to be more than just friends may help you a lot.

1.She is Happier As Conversations Go on 

There is definitely chemistry between the two of you if she constantly uses texts like lol, lmao, haha on almost everything you say. Chances are she is comfortable in the conversation with you and it is only natural that a girl likes you if she laughs at everything you say.

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2.Cute Emojis

Texting can be misinterpreted, so you might need to take online chatting a bit more into context. Ask yourself the following questions: Does she use as many cute or even sexy emojis with others as with you? Is she doing this out of habits or cultural background? If she is exclusively responding to you in this cute way, you can be sure she is into you.

3.Text You First

If she takes the initiative to strike up a conversation with you, chances are she is having a crush on you or at the very least she sees you not just like anyone on the street. However, if you find it a probable chance, you might want to take it into context before misinterpreting it all though.

4.Open Body Languages

If your invitation to a date is successful, then observing her body language during the date is the surest way to know if a girl likes you. Unlike other moments where people are silent or have plenty of time to think before texting, observing face-to-face is the best way to make sure of it. Let’s say you are having a conversation sitting, and she sits in an open manner, then this means that she is confident or enjoys having this offline conversation. However, she may shy away or get nervous about talking to you or she may simply be defensive and protective, facing other directions and signaling that she is not that interested. But if she is sitting with her legs crossed, pay attention to her feet. If they point towards you, it might indicate that you have won her favor. Generally speaking, a girl standing closer to you is more relaxed and she feels comfortable around you. For example, she'll have relaxed shoulders and she won't cross her arms. However, everyone's personality and cultural background are different, so do not take it as a dead sure sign she is not into you if this is not the case.

5.Subconsciously Getting Closer

If a girl is bumping into you subconsciously, there is a chance that she may be mindfully flirting with you or simply could not hide her emotions. It allows a girl to measure how responsive you are. She may touch your arm when you say something funny, “accidentally” brush your shoulder or hands with hers, or gently place her hand on your knee. When she does all this, you may want to consider heating the conversation.