5 Clear Signs Proving That He Doesn't Like You

By : Written by our website Aug 20, 2021
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Some people complain that their partners are too busy to be always in touch. In fact, if you truly love someone, you will seize each minute and chance to contact your partner whatever you are troubled with and wherever you are. Therefore, to judge whether your partner likes you, you may notice the following signs.

#1 Too Busy to Keep in Touch 

The definition to being busy varies. Someone bustles about working and gets no chance to take a breath, or concentrates his mind on multiple conferences. However, there are still time for rest from morning to night anyway. With so many communication methods in the modern society, how could a man who values you lose contact with you for several days?

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#2 Being Indifferent to Your Calls and Messages

Men are born to be hunters, which means they will act instantly to their interested targets. Before going steady with someone, he would like to spend much time in flirting with you, and the speed of replying text apparently reflects your importance to him. For some boys, they may reply instantly in the early phase. As the passion fades, they would rather play games than reply your message in their free time soon after defining your relationship. You should end your relationship as soon as possible when encountering such man. 

#3 Unwilling to Define the Relationship 

He always stresses on his affection for you but lacks passion to go steady with you. Although being intimate in private, he keeps a distance from you in public and is not willing to introduce you to his parents or friends, refusing you to enter his life. Doesn’t it sound unreasonable if he really has a crush on you?

#4 Giving No Consideration to Your Feelings

Though it’s clear to him that you are grieved by his hanging out with ex-girlfriend or immersion in games, he still insists on doing what he wants or belittles you with strange reasons regardless of your feeling. The healthy love relationship is based on the mutual contribution, so it won’t be enjoyable if the other one give no consideration to your feelings.

#5 Declining Your Meeting Invitation

With the excuse of being busy, he never shows up when you want to find him but only comes out as he wishes to. Being intimate and talkative online, he becomes indifferent to you after offline meeting and refuses the next date. Theses are signs that he doesn’t like you at all. 

The signs above don’t aim at giveing up him when you realize he’s not into you at all but remind you to rationally judge the relationship.