4 Awesome Topics to Talk with Girls

By : Written by our website Aug 05, 2021
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When pursuing a girl, boys always spend days or months talking to her. But at the beginning, you are easily get into awkward conversation if you are not familiar with each other, which will make the girl think that you are not a good talker and lost the interest in you. So many boys are troubled by what topics to talk about with girls. Nowadays girls all like people who say sweet words, if you aren’t one of them, then at least learn some awesome topics to chat about, so that you will have a better chance of getting to know her.

1. Childhood

Everyone's childhood is different, so you could share the happy or embarrassing stories happened in childhood with each other, which is beneficial to shorten your distance and liven up the atmosphere. Childhood, being considered as everyone's pure land where is no worries and stresses, is the best topic to talk about before you know each other very well.

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2. Interests

You can chat about hobbies, idols, or favorite dishes, etc. Those conversations could prove that you're considerate. Perhaps, you may find your common interests, and these interests are special connection between you. Girls really appreciate this connection, because it seems like that you are meant to be together. After knowing the preferences, you can cater to the taste of your girl.

3.Dream Lover and Relationship

You could ask a girl what’s her dream partner like and check if you have met the requirements and whether there is chance she might like you. Or what else you could do to be her ideal lover? You can also ask what does her dream relationship look like. Through this kind of topic, you can know whether your outlook on love and life match, if does, you could continue the relationship.

4. Daily Life

You can talk about the interesting things that happened in your daily life so that girls can feel your love of life. Men who are optimistic and working for a better future are really attractive to girls. Also, sharing the trivial things in life can create a relaxing atmosphere and prove that you are not hiding anything from her. Girls can obtain sense of security from these behaviors.