3 Tips to Avoid Losing Yourself in a Relationship

By : Written by our website Aug 30, 2021
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Many people are prone to be obsessed with the loved one at the very beginning of a relationship and may lose themselves as the bond they share with their partners grows stronger. As a result, how to be yourself while enjoying good relationship? We've compiled the following three tips.

1. Get to Know Yourself

It means that you should be clear about your needs, desires, dreams, values, and preferences. A basic understanding of yourself will stop you from compromising too much in a relationship because your strong self-consciousness will help you stick to what's really important to you. Also, it will give you a sense of security that comes from inner world rather than your relationship.

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2. Set and Keep Your Personal Boundaries

To some people, the word "boundary" seems harsh and scary as it conveys the concept of shutting out others. However, it means that you highly value yourself. Also, a healthy boundary is of good help to build a safe, loving, and respectful relationship.

Moreover, boundary will also help you stay self-conscious and let your partner fully understand your demands. Actually, if you have clearly set a boundary but your mate crosses it, you may need to talk with your partners.

3. Maintain Your Own Social Circle

One is easy to be occupied by a relationship at first for the desire to spend as much time as possible with each other. So be sure to remember: no matter how intimate you and your partner are, never forget your friends and families. Arrange regular meeting with them for chatting, having dinner, or even just sitting quietly. Don't limit your life to your new partner only, and you need some other perspectives on your own life. All in all, It's irrational to give up something you love just because you're in a relationship.

Furthermore, make time for things you love to do. You should regard these hobbies which are beneficial to your happiness as your top priority because they are just as important as your relationship. Keep some hobbies that provide you a chance to be with yourself or your friends, which will help you stay connected to yourself and boost the self-esteem. Besides, no relationship can satisfy all your needs and desires. That's why you need make your life more colorful. Additionally, the time you spend on your own will maintain your independence and boost the ability to enrich your life.

If you throw yourself into love, you will probably get hurt. Instead, what you should do from the start is to consider how to build a healthy relationship and take your time so as to convince your partner that the future with you is worth looking forward to.

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